Professional Profile

Anurekha Jennifer who has 11 years of experience in beauty & skin care industry. certified MYA make up artist Malaysia & Ayurvedic Beauty Practitioner well trained from south India.

Maaya Beauty was formed on May 26th 2012. Fast growing direct selling beauty service company.

For its remarkable quality and excellent service we expanded our business from Maaya Beauty to Maaya Archaic Empire on 1 June 2017. And followed by a massive exceptional growth by year 2020 we are recognized by Dazzling Divas Sdn Bhd.

We have also has achieved best award from glamorous and recognized sources


Best official judge for Ms & Mrs Curvy 2020

Award Best Sponsor for beauty Pageant 2021

Achiever Winner Mustang 2023

Best CEO Award 2022 Woman Icon India

Hour Glass Icon International Icon 2023

Official Judge for Hour Glass Icon 2023

President of Pertubuhan Wanita Isadora

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